Full interview: Georgiana Tufeanu, a mentor in SIM’s community

Social Media Manager, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Mentor

💃 Who is Georgiana Tufeanu, and what does she do? 

I am Georgiana, and I am a freelance Social Media Management. The focus of my work is the creation of visual content creation and image-making through photography and graphic design. I am a believer that image can make or break a business, no matter how large or small. 

💃 When did you realize what you wanted to do? 

When I had the first opportunity to express myself creatively in a professional environment, putting together skills that I had previously acquired during studies, workshops, and other work experiences, I guess it all just came together. 

💃 What does work-life balance mean to you? 

It means to be genuinely dedicated professionally, grow, and see the progress in time while still maintaining a high quality of life with family, friends, traveling, and so on. I would say it is crucial. 

💃 What does it mean for you to be a mentor?

Identify each individual's potential and work from there to maximize it in directions that will lead to realistic results.

💃 If you were to leave readers with a message, what would it be? 

Choose wisely what kind of job you want to dedicate your life to. One good choice can open many doors for the future. And try to have fun on the way.