Full interview: Fabiana Gilca, a mentor in SIM’s community

Marketing, Coaching

💃 Who is Fabiana Gilca and what does she do? 

I have always been enthusiastic and excited in front of new opportunities, and I was never afraid to get on a new challenge, a new project and see it happen.

Once I’ve decided advertising is what I want to do, I made it my mission to find a way to start being present, active and understand more about it, so that I will feel prepared with all the intel possible when finally getting the role I wanted. Years later, marketing and advertising is still what makes me tick and allows me to day dream and maintain my thoughts freedom. Things I like are diversity and everything else that challenges the norm and the societal rules, creative and efficient solutions in what and how we do things. I like bending

unwritten stupid rules and focus on performance, possibilities, professionalism and results, and I love doing this in places with open minded people.

During all these years, I’ve been lucky to work with a diverse & special crowd, in a dynamic, competitive but still friendly environment, and every one of them taught me that the power of a team, people’s support and inspiration is what makes us all thrive. During the last 11 years I’ve been working on a diversity of roles within the marketing & advertising industry with great exposure of project diversity, for local markets to regional and global whilst living in Bucharest, Cape Town and London #besttrio I like keeping busy, travelling for both work and leisure and what I am now practising more and more is to take it a little easier so that I can enjoy the beautiful places and people around me.

I have experience in client service, project management, building entertainment

platforms, event coordination, brand marketing, brand innovations and portfolio.

Happy to be part of the She is Mom community, an initiative and principle I love, and to support anyone who needs to overcome a barrier they want to conquer.

Who knows? the community might even get me motivated and inspired to not only be

active in international companies but to dip toe within this entrepreneurship universe sometime in the future.

💃 When did you realize what you wanted to do? 

Choosing what I wanted to do was one of my biggest challenges when in school and my formative years. I was a person that with hard work had to let go of hobbies and made the sacrifice to think somewhat in answering the riddle ‘What is fun and brings you money?’ After a few years of shaping the basics of how I want to live, it all came naturally that communication & advertising projects are something I really want to dive into. Must have been sometimes in highschool.

💃 What does work-life balance mean to you? 

The ‘work hard & play hard’ motivated me greatly, but since the pandemic I think it translates into having more quality time for YOU. The YOU piece can mean anything really, from time to rest to things that are to be discovered. But I am still working towards a balance that makes me happy, so we can follow up later when I find the right recipe.

💃 What does it mean for you to be a mentor?

It means giving the right time and space to someone who lost sight of their compass, just for a second. In reality, the ‘power is coming from within’ and the ‘inspiration is everywhere’. We just need to find the right way to funnel. It is great to see how people evolve and unlock next stages in their life.

I thank all my mentors that gave me chances, opportunities, the trust and support

whenever was needed & they still do. Sometimes WE can be our own biggest obstacle and the test is how to overcome it.

💃 If you were to leave readers with a message, what would it be? 

Never settle to find and reach your better self. It is not a marathon, but a journey, so join the ride and get used to changing times.