Patricia ANDREI

I found a purpose in using what I know and I am passionate about – my 17 years of parenting, my coaching passion, my humanistic education as well as my professional experience - in the benefit of those who may be looking to develop their strengths, find a different perspective or reframe their thinking so they become better people, better parents.

About Me

Caring and empathic, I accompany people in connecting with their inner strengths, overcoming their limiting believes and reframing their thinking so they live a whole-hearted live.
I blend my humanistic education and professional career with my parenting and coaching passion and strive using them in the benefit of others who may be searching for a different perspective or a new option.
We all have ‘blind spots’. We all struggle with heavy armors to protect our vulnerabilities. We all face ambiguity, uncertainty and imperfection. And we all strive to do the best we can!
I can be your companion in those times when you’re looking for ways to get up and move forward, reconnecting with your strengths and resources.
About me:
Personal life: Passionate mother of two teenage daughters, Supportive Partner, Loving Daughter and Older Sister, Loving animals, nature and caravan camping, travel, reading and writing, good food and cooking, handcrafts, beautiful people.
Professionally: 20+ years of Corporate Citizenship in Executive Human Resource Management, Financial Industry and High Tech. Large Team Management experience. Mentoring & Leadership Development. HR Strategic Consulting. Practitioner Coach.
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