People say that conversations we have together, bring clarity and ease the process of decision making. I am a mother of two, and that is where my real challenge lands.

About Me

I believe in the process of change, as the most valuable way to transform and grow, either we talk about a person, a process, an organization or a system. I am driven by the willing of contribution for a better educational environment, as I became to consider it the most relevant thing I can sustain, especially now by being a mother of two.

I am a Learning & Development professional with about 10 years of practicing facilitation, design an implementation of learning programs, in multiple skilling areas: selling, project management, leadership and various psychometric tools.

I made a change, and building on that experience, I became an HR Transformation lead, that means I currently drive programs and projects that aim to sustain cultural changes, across organizations.
So, when it comes on advising around project management, decision making or designing a learning experience for any audience that matters to you, I am here to listen and help you clear the path to wat you want to achieve.