EMBA from Maastricht School of Management with an academic background in pharmacy and public health management and over 10 years of experience in leadership roles in the European healthcare industry.

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About Me

Reliable, determined, inspirational, supporting, hardworking – this is what would be like to have a MOM as an employee, consultant, contractor. In one word – AMAZING. I do believe in the power of women to balance between personal and professional life. An already-mom, a mom-to-be, an aspiring-mom – no matter the status, one should take ownership of their power. There is nothing too high, too heavy or too far for a woman to reach. Investment in oneself is about the 3Ps (preparation, perspiration, perfection) or the 3 As (align, act, adjust). With a passion for one’s wellbeing, I would be happy to empower you transitioning smoother through the 3Ps/ 3As, no matter where you are on your personal or professional journey, or how more or less the two are intertwined.

- AREAS OF EXPERTISE: life, wellness, healthcare