The past 13 years as an entrepreneur in the field of education gave me the strength and the belief that nothing is too hard or impossible to reach.

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About Me

Doing things differently, alternative and creative thinking, as well as innovation are some of the skills that represent me. The past 13 years as an entrepreneur in the field of education gave me the strength and the belief that nothing is too hard or impossible to reach. I am ready to support women and moms who want to develop a business in education by using non-formal education methods.
I created myself a Do It Yourself Academy whose aim is to implement vocational clubs in schools of Romania addressed to 12-18 years old students by using working kits. We are looking for partners, freelancers, and people who want to bring added value to education in schools.
Nevertheless, my corporate social responsibility field skills determined me to build educational programs that allow students to find the right way in their careers.
I also implemented Creative Hub in the frame of the Chamber of Commerce of Brasov. Here, all creative entrepreneurs can be promoted during a summertime program.

I have graduated as an Economist at the Faculty of European Studies at Babes Bolyai. Through a scholarship, I have also graduated University of Osnabrueck/Management and the Faculty of Sociology.
Coming from a family with an entrepreneurial background, I always found myself interested in practicing my ideas. Starting with a bit of practice at my parents' business - a fitness center, I continued as an entrepreneur for creating a children's creative activity corner in a mall of Brașov (Selgros). Luckily some DIY shops in Brasov were interested in this idea, so I started developing workshops for children in Baumax and Hornbach in the past 10 years. It was an excellent opportunity to familiarise myself with these shops' products and materials, meet people, great parents, and children that motivate me to stay in this field.
Together with Bosch Romania, we developed DIY workshops in Bucharest and Brasov - Atelier Bricolaj Dremel schools.
I wanted to bring these workshops to the next level, so by having the support of some big companies and organizations (Chamber of Commerce in Brasov), I start developing vocational clubs in the schools of Romania. My everyday challenge is using those DIY materials for creating non-formal education kits to represent different industries and professional activities. Ready to jump in on this kind of challenge? I am here for you!
Also, if you are interested in the activities that we develop, we are looking forward for partners, freelancers, volunteers..
For sure, loving your job is the supreme motivation to be determined every day, making a step day by day to reach your dream, finding suitable partners, always ready to learn something new, and give a helping hand are some of my beliefs of having a successful business or career.
Last but not least, all women have superpowers! What is yours:)?