Cristiana ANDREI

I would be honored to help as many women as possible achieve their true potential, unlock their skills and creativity, help them use and develop their strengths. I’d like us to embark upon this journey together and take it one step at a time, all the way through the highest level you’d like to achieve in your career.

About Me

I’ve built my experience and expertise by working hard, reading, enrolling in private coaching sessions, getting a mentor, attending dozens of training, webinars, and events. Adding to this, one of the most important things in building a career is having a growth mindset, being open-minded, and accepting new challenges.

My experience was built in several multinational corporations where I’ve had the opportunity to experience the most engaging corporate environment, meet and work with people of remarkable achievements.

Adobe, a 23.000 employee corporation focusing on creativity, diversity & inclusion, and employee happiness, enables me to grow, learn new skills, interact with and learn from the best, develop my own projects, and design events to create employee connection.

To give you a better understanding of what I do and my expertise, here are 10 things I love about my role:

1. Networking: I get to partner with different teams and local leadership, align with their objectives, gather data, and deliver the best communications and employer branding solutions based on their needs.
2. Reach: my role reaches the entire Bucharest site of over 850+ employees, US & EMEA stakeholders, different communications teams across the world, and a social media audience.
3. Impact: I get to directly contribute not only to my team’s objectives but also to other business units and our entire headquarters.
4. Event planning: I’ve planned internal and external events following a broad range of themes like team buildings, employee engagement events, tech meetups, wellbeing events, interviews.
5. Employer Branding: I contribute to Adobe’s voice and message on social media. I make sure we showcase our teams’ extraordinary achievements and also give the audience a peak of what #adobelife is like.
6. Employee Experience: I’ve designed and organized events, creating a transparent culture built on communication and employee engagement. Through my role, I contribute to the entire employee experience of our colleagues.
7. Diversity & Inclusion: I’m a graduate of Adobe’s Women Executive Shadowing Program. During the program, participants get to “shadow” (or follow) a senior executive for a whole day and get a glimpse of what the life and work of an executive are like. The participants have 1:1 meetings with their exec where they can ask questions, but they can also attend team meetings and discussions and see how other teams operate. I’m also part of the Women in Tech Forum. I attend regular webinars and open discussions related to corporate culture and career stories where all participants and speakers are successful women.
8. Adobe Brand: I contribute to maintaining a coherent brand voice and image across all channels. I oversee any external communication, videos, interviews to ensure brand guidelines compliance.
9. Visibility: I’m at the center of all global and local business updates.
10. Freedom: I get to propose and implement creative new projects, events, initiatives aligned with Adobe’s culture and objectives.

For more, please check out my #whativelearned posts on LinkedIn and my profile.