We dream of a world where humans and machines work together towards a common goal. Everything we do, we believe in creating an open environment, where public and private organisations can collaborate and innovate to create value for society.

About Me

Andrei is an advisor, researcher, and trainer.
He started his career in artificial intelligence and machine learning by researching how biological cells migrate in vivo.
Straight after his PhD, he co-founded a boutique consulting company, Dacian Consulting, where he helps start-ups and enterprises on their road to AI. Recently, Andrei returned to his long-lasting passion, research and teaching, and co-founded the Center for Intelligent Machines.
At CMI, he researches human behaviour and biological systems, teaches Data Science, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering, and mentors the next generation of AI/ML leaders and practitioners.

He helps companies on the road to AI/ML. He specialises in developing end to end ML solutions for understanding and predicting human individual and collective behaviour. In parallel he also designs and delivers corporate training programmes focused on AI/ML strategy, project management and solution development.