Amalia BACIU

Combining motherhood with profession is not always an easy task. In my case, I know that, I wouldn’t be happy giving up on my profession so, I have to find the way to make it work for me and my family.

About Me

I have 12 years’ experience in human resources from hire to retire but especially in recruitment, learning and development. The company I work for hired me after university graduation and offered me the environment, tools and opportunities to grow and to be proud of my profession.

I’ve made many mistakes and I’ve done things that I’m proud of but I’ve always found PEOPLE to count on, to look for advice, to work with as a team, to admire and take as a role model.

Beyond professional experience, I am a proud mother of two boys. Being a mother and motherhood is for me the most demanding calling.

Combining motherhood with profession is an interesting Sudoku game. I know that I wouldn’t be happy giving up on my profession and that’s why I’m playing Sudoku every day. Most often numbers are easily find their place in perfect harmony but sometimes I have to work hard, to push myself acknowledging limits and breaking some of them.

From mother to mother - you’re stronger than you think and you can find your way (professional) if you really want it.