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Our list of mentors changes often, as we try to constantly update it, so you can find the right mentors in different fields. So, check this page every now and then to discover the great people that can help you in your career.

Madalina Samoila

Madalina Samoila Journalist with vast experience in mass media and television, communication specialist, over 10 years now. Worked as a journalist for important news network in Romania : Antena 1, Antena 3, Money Channel, TVR (Romanian National Television)
Journalism, Public Speaking, Communication

Alexandra Micu

Alexandra Micu She learned how to communicate, how to learn, how to develop oneself in order to help others, how to deal with different steps and aspects of teaching. This interest in people and the journey we take through our life, professionally and personally made her choose the psychology domain to study further.
Employer Branding Specialist, Trainer, Head Hunter, HR Professional

Andreea Radu

Andreea Radu Having over 10 years of professional experience in Education, IT, and HR my focus is recruitment processes, project coordination, and learning more day after day.
Project Manager, HR Professional, Recruiter

Nicoleta Griciuc

Nicoleta Griciuc I’m a passionate content writer and I inspire myself from the beautiful things around me. I like to create original and engaging content and I have experience both in copywriting and marketing so I can understand very good the complexity of those two fields and the way I should use my words to sell better.
Content Marketing, Digital Communication, Social Media, Copywriting

Roxana Persa

Roxana Persa I've always loved working with people. Then one day, I realized that people also need me and my skills, and I was completely willing to help them. With very good organizational skills and soft-skills at the highest level, I am convinced that we can make a good team in any HR area.
Project Manager, HR Professional, Recruiter

Ramona Bostan

Ramona Bostan There is so much information available that at some point you can get lost in them and it is difficult for you to choose. I can teach you how to select your points of interest, how you can study the things you are interested in and how you can take decisions.
architecture, project management

Fabiana Galca

Fabiana Galca Marketing professional with over 10 years experience. International career (in Blue chip organisations), working with global, regional and local teams on a range of projects: brand & strategy, communications & advertising, activation & events.
marketing, coaching

Laura Sardescu

Laura Sardescu In 6 years as an entrepreneur, I managed to understand digital marketing concepts and use them to grow two online shops. I am a big fan of using creative strategies and resourceful ways to get where you need to be heading.
entrepreneur, online

Ana Maria Cetatean

Ana Maria Cetatean I have developed teaching skills and training abilities by forming myself as a trainer and by practising it over the last 5 years. I adore working with kids, therefore I am organising french workshops for children and teenagers, within my learning club: Le Français, c՚est chouette!.
teaching; communications; public relations

Alina Aioanei

Alina Aioanei I am a sales professional with more than sixteen years working in business events and digital industry. I consider myself as a good mentor and coordinator, excellent communicator and negotiator
Sales, Communication, Building Relationships, Customer Service, Negotiations, Digital, Advertising

Andreia Lungulescu

Andreia Lungulescu I am a hands-on learning and development specialist and enthusiast, with a passion for human potential, to nurture it, but most of all to champion it.
Learning and Development, Career Progression, Project Management, Coaching, Psychotherapy

Simona Istrate

Simona Istrate I am passionate about interior design, architecture and the way people interact with the space in which they live. I want the client to feel privileged at the end of each project by the transformation that took place in the space he entrusted to me.
Interior design, Architecture, Project Management

Iulia Crasmariu

Iulia Crasmariu I am a people passionate professional working in the HR sector. I believe in a bright future and our ability to build it together. When we truly take care of the people who it is in our privilege to work with we win.
HR Professional, Digital Media Specialist, Employer Branding Specialist, IT Recruitment.

Corina Neagu

Corina Neagu DARE (Development Advice & Resources) is a consulting company with a focus on helping organizations realize the potential in their people and on helping people discovering their talents.
Mentoring, People Strategy, Organizational Performance, Talent Management, Adoption, Change Management Execution.

Violeta Niculae

Violeta Niculae Over 15 years of senior experience in Executive Management, Sales & Marketing, full range of corporate communication in various industries such as: Market Research, Agribusiness, FMCG, Publishing & Printing, Business & Management Consulting.
Organizational psychology, Organizational strategy & development, Marketing Management

Corina Petcu

Corina Petcu HR specialist, with vast experience in different industries. preparing the candidate for an interview, how to make a CV and a letter of intent and good knowledge of labour legislation.
Performance Management, HR Consulting, HR Policies, 5S, Project Planning, Project Management

Oana-Mihaela Constantinescu

Oana-Mihaela Constantinescu HR professional, with 12+ years of experience in all Human Resources areas, currently working as HR Business Partner. All this time, I have cultivated my affinity for connecting people and finding the missing piece of each puzzle.
Volunteer Management, Volunteer Coordination, Coaching, Personal Development

Anca Muresan

Anca Muresan I have 16 years of experience in the multinational environment, I am the mother of two children and I know especially what it means to try to balance your career with family life .... just like any mom :).
Negotiation, Contracts & Dispute Resolution, Outsourcing, Corporate Social Responsibility

Mihaela Berechet

Mihaela Berechet Passionate about bringing people together and building communities and networks based on collaboration and trust. I am having over 15 years of experience in working with people from different perspectives.
Trainer, HR professional, Parenting Instructor

Mihaela Avram

Mihaela Avram After 11 year of project management, training and financial counseling, I did a professional reconversion to vocational counseling and coaching.
Coaching, Personal Development, HR Consulting

Georgiana Cristea

Georgiana Cristea As a trainer and a coach, she loves working with people and accompanying them in their knowledge journey which becomes for her a valuable source for self-development.
Written Communication, Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Techniquesfor Impactful Presentations, Time and task Management. 

Andra Cruceanu

Andra Cruceanu My mission is to offer support to people in their personal & professional transformation through positive energy, knowledge and passion.
Life coach, Vocational consulting, Nirvana Yoga teacher, Mentoring.

Antonela Vulpe

Antonela Vulpe I'm Antonela, the ladies life and relationship coach. For the past three years I've been working with amazing women like you in search to discover their true potential in life.
Financial education. Therapy session. Coaching.

Lavinia Dragne

Lavinia Dragne When speaking about myself, the first thing that comes to mind is that I like to interact with people. I like to listen to them, to discover them and to find within them their true way of being.
Psychologist, Consultant, Human Resources Specialist, Recruitment.

Iulian Smaranda

Iulian Smaranda Iulian has 7 years of experience in the field of recruitment and recruitment consulting. He is dynamic, optimistic and always with a smile on his face.
Human Resources, Counseling Psychology, Assesement Center