Ana Maria Cetăţean

Ana Maria Cetăţean

Social entrepreneur, mentor and NGO fellow
Association for Education in Socio-Human Sciences (ESSU)
Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Research / Science / Medical / Health Sciences


  • Session: 100RON / one hour

I am passionate about education, in love with communications, raised in a cultural environment, with a background in playing theatre in french or acting as a speaker for different events.

I have developed teaching skills and training abilities by forming myself as a trainer and by practising it over the last 5 years. I adore working with kids, therefore I am organising french workshops for children and teenagers, within my learning club: Le Français, c՚’est chouette!. 

I am also working with adults who are willing to improve their french or who want to learn a new international language. I am not a classical teacher, therefore I am following my own curricula, based on french books and methods, but also on lots of interaction and fun.

Another dimension of my activity is that I am developing non-formal educational programmes for pupils, through the Association for Education in Social Sciences and Humanities, a Romanian NGO where I act as a vice-president and founder member, together with other 4 moms, colleagues and friends.

I am the mom of two handsome boys and a former professional in communications and public relations, with over 12 years of experience, mainly in corporate communications.

I also have an economical background, which allows me to easily keep an eye on figures and

I a native Romanian and I also speak French and English.

I am happy to support moms:

-in learning a new language (french or Romanian)

-in communications or public relations challenges

-in managing a professional reconversion, from a mom’s point of view.

Teaching; Communications; Public Relations

The first thing I'm going to tell you about me is that I'm the mother of two boys and a wife.
The second is that I am a communication and marketing specialist, a French language trainer, and I am passionate about education in all its forms.
Together with four other mothers, I founded an association, the Association for Education in Socio-Human Sciences, in which we develop educational programs for children and in which I organize French language workshops, as well as many other workshops on various topics, from the development of creativity, until solving the complex situations that children experience. These are workshops that we have thought of to develop children's skills so that when they choose the field in which they will work, they will benefit from a package of knowledge and experiences that will help them make a choice easier.
So one last addition, I am passionate about beauty - expressed through art and special forms of nature, through music, through theater, through play.

The first and first time I realized as a student, I was also in an AEGEE Bucharest - European Students Association association. Through my colleagues' generosity in the association, I was assigned the PR of PR the association. At that time, I didn't really know what this communication area was all about. I was studying International Economic Relations at Bucharest University of Economic Studies.
Challenged by this role that I accepted, I started learning many things in the field, and knowing more in this direction, I realized that it brings me joy and that I would like to go further with it.
For two years, I played with a series of student campaigns, which I supported in terms of communication, and at the end of college, I decided to do a master's degree in the field. I went with a lot of enthusiasm to the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, and to my joy, I also conquered it. I followed the master's program, and then for more than 10 years, I worked in ​​communication and marketing.
I was absolutely convinced that I would do this for many years to come, but changes and other new dreams appeared along the way.

With my first child came the awakening from this dream of the marketing field, which, although incredibly beautiful for me, took a lot of my time. I realized that I wanted to dedicate most of this time to my family and my child.
The idea of ​​having a more flexible activity, combining the communication part with other skills and passions of mine in the area of ​​education and theater, sprouted in my mind. The context made the second child appear in our lives quite quickly after that, which made me embrace this idea even more. From an idea, slowly, I easily turned to this area as a trainer working with children, and together with 4 friends who were mothers, I also formed the association I was telling you about. And at the moment, I am embracing this direction without forgetting my first passion - communication and marketing.
Children inspire me every day in one way or another. I think it's one of the roles children take on until they grow up to inspire and challenge us. They themselves are challenges for us parents, and I think that's the idea. The impact is that they challenge us to find solutions and make choices.

Everyone is looking for this balance. Personally, it is the ability to feel fulfilled doing what you like to do and having flexibility and time available when you really need it.
That's what I wanted to be able to have timepieces, as needed, and to be with my family, with my children, to spend time together, without feeling like I'm stealing it from elsewhere.
This is a work-life balance for me. Otherwise, I have days when I work a lot when the program ends late, but I think that is part of everyone's life.
In this concept, it is important to try to do those things you like, which fulfills you. It is not always easy. Even for me, it was not at the beginning, but it is possible.

This term mentor is a great hat, which excites, honors, and scares me at the same time.
Mentor means to be a support, a trained and complex person in many ways, who can show how to the person he/she is mentoring. It is a great responsibility to be someone's mentor, and it is also a great joy and fulfillment to do that. It comes with the satisfaction you feel when the mentees reach their own potential.
This role of mentor comes with a kind of self-analysis, with the question of whether you can really be a good mentor for the one who comes to you to ask for your support. You need to check with yourself if you have the skills to be with them and inspire others.
Some of the tools I think a mentor should have in his hat are empathy, faith, and a well-developed and integrated emotional intelligence in his life.
These are some of the qualities that define a mentor and then, of course, the package of knowledge in his field of activity, these being the foundation.

We need to know our dream and then invest in it with confidence and direct our energy towards achieving it.
Building self-confidence in what you do, and even trust in others, is a feeling that develops over time, I say.
Unfortunately, in our lives as children, teenagers, and even adults, we do not benefit from instilling this trust from our teachers or loved ones.
I believe that this is a deficiency of our system. Despite their developed intellectual abilities, many children I have worked with suffer in trust. We have this pressure not to make a mistake, or if you made a mistake in hiding that mistake, a simple example starts when children are taught to cut or delete those wrong words from writing.
It seems to me that mistake is part of a learning process. The more you realize that you were wrong and the less you want to hide what you did wrong, the faster you learn and build your self-confidence.
I strongly believe that it is important to be aware of our mistakes, struggles, and mistakes throughout our lives and gain confidence through them.
At one point, I read about the history of some great performance athletes, and I was impacted by how many failures they face in their careers, how many tensions in their training process. And all this time, they are supported by their coaches and mentors to overcome these repeated failures that they face to achieve performance. And we are amazed when we see that there are multiple Olympic champions, but we did not wonder how many failures they had to go through to reach all these achievements.
I believe that each of us has something to learn from these people, and I believe that if we learn to ask for support to overcome the small or large hops in our path, we would become more confident, stronger, and evolve towards our best.