Raluca Moroianu

Raluca Moroianu

Head of Marketing, Communication & Sales
Cineplexx International
Marketing / PR / Media / Branding


  • Session: 120EUR / one hour

Who is Raluca?
“Who is Raluca” is an excellent question. Raluca is a bit over 40 years old woman, mother of two, a wife, and a dog owner, who had the courage to hammer a door in search of a seasonal job while she was 18.
“I knew since then that no matter how much you study, without courage, dedication, continuous work, and a little bit of luck, you won’t be able to reach your objectives, nor dreams. 
I’ve started this amazing journey with crazy confidence in my own forces, and I had the age at which I thought anything was possible, and no matter how many doors would close in front of you, the window would always remain a back-up option.
When you are very young, you know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go. 
I have thus planned every move, every transition from job to job with pros and cons, with short and medium-term expectations, and every time a job or company was no longer appropriate to me, I have been trying to set my premises for another jump.
In 22 years of professional experience, I have gone through various industries, from tourism, automotive, white and black goods to advertising, media, and entertainment, where I’ve remained for 15 years.
I’ve specialized myself in communications, media, and marketing. I have always tried to understand companies’ real issues and challenges while focusing on business priorities, budget savings, and people’s diverse expectations.
Corporate communication will remain a priority and a challenge for me in the years to come, and I think that the future of companies lies in the way they will know how to attract talent, based on a strong employer brand.”
Timing is everything in life, and it’s particularly crucial in entrepreneurship. And as Richard Branson said, ‘the best time to go into a new business is when it’s being run badly by others’

Communications, Media, and Marketing