Adelina Vișan

Adelina Vișan

Entrepreneur, Business Lawyer
Adelina Visan Law Office
Legal Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Startups / Innovation


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I am an enthusiast lawyer, with over 10 years of experience in this field, highly passionate of what I do. I am someone who navigated a lot of twists, turns and setbacks in my career until I found a way in which I can do what I love to do, my way. I am a mom and I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a career that fulfils you while also being home for dinner, constantly running and trying to be in two places at a time.

I now practice law in my own office, while I keep a project-based collaboration with my previous law company. This gives me freedom to choose my clients and projects, while also having a good work-life balance. I believe a lot in the importance of going to work with joy and in looking forward to the next Monday morning by staying authentic and following your values.

I am creative business lawyer with focus on innovation, legal tech, and new ways of practicing law and I provide pragmatic support on all aspects of running the business whilst mitigating legal risk. I help people understand the legal language by translating it in simple, plain words. I love being involved in challenging projects, finding solutions and not having to say “this is not possible!”. Also, I love helping ideas and dreams become real by creating the solid and safe legal frame in which they can develop, from scratch. And of course, I am there for my clients if things go wrong, offering legal assistance in many areas of litigation, as this is my core competence.

My expertise covers the following areas: technology, pharmaceuticals & life sciences, employment, commercial, IP, Public Procurement, real estate and all kinds of litigation on these areas.

I can also help moms on family matters, mostly because I strongly believe in mitigating family conflicts and avoiding bringing them in front of a court. Skills: legal assistance, litigation, legal documents drafting and negotiation, networking and connecting people.

Business Law, Legal Advice, Legal Assistance, Litigation

I am a lawyer that is really passionate about her job.

In highschool.

It did, a lot, I had a set back as I was a single mom for a few years and I had to slow down my career.

It means that I can be a mom and a wife and also do the job that I love and I can prioritize them as I need to, sometimes I give 80% in one, sometimes in another. Sometimes I just need to be with myself for a few hours. I always have an image of a pie chart with what's important to me and what I give in each section.

It is a way of helping people in the area where I am qualified.

Stay enthusiastic about what you do.