Diana-Maria Georgescu

Diana-Maria Georgescu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Delta Guide - Reshaping Perspectives
Business Operations Sales & Business Development Human Resources Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur NGO/Public sector / non-profit Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development


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Management Mentor, Business Consultant, Coach and Counselor for Personal Development.
A mix of strategic mind, high management skills, efficiency orientation and soft heart. That’s my personal success receipt.

Diana-Maria Georgescu, the Founder and President of WomenEsteem International Association, and Co-Founder of Delta Guide-Reshaping Perspectives, is a Business Consultant, Senior Manager, Corporate Coach, and Mentor for more than 15 years now. Her native talent for working with people became noticeable early in her career. That’s why she had been appointed to build and manage teams, departments, and processes and propose improvements in a global environment since she was 24. However, her soul was not looking just for managing people, but for helping them grow and inspiring them to become their better versions. That’s why she was always looking to expand her knowledge and diversify her practices according to this world’s fast evolution.
Due to her strong belief in human capitalization in the business environment, Diana built an innovative business model "Business Soul2$oul", launched in October 2019 at the conference "Future Business. Human business." organized with the support and involvement of the Romanian-American University. Based on her previous experience in the corporate environment, she had large visibility on the old business paradigm not suitable anymore for the current business changes we have to face today. Thus, she created the "Business Soul2$oul" model, aiming to challenge open-minded business leaders to build a new business framework where People are the core of any successful business. This model is now on the market, and different small and medium companies have changed their direction based on the "Business Soul2$oul" model diagnosis and recommendations.
”I believe a businesswoman is a great mix of knowledge, femininity, creativity, and incredible strength. In November 2017 WomenEsteem International Community was born based on this philosophy and during the pandemic, it became an NGO. WEI Community, as we like to call it, offers the environment any women need to discover the strength of her true nature.”

Management Mentorship, Business Consultancy, Coaching and Counseling for Personal Development.

Diana-Maria Georgescu is me! A human being that came into this world with a mission: to make my life and the lives of the people around me better. I define myself as a ”World Traveler, Life Traveler, Time and Space Traveler”, and I try to keep my traveler’s joy and curiosity alive in everything I do. In my professional life, I love working with people and assisting them to become their better versions. My practice is the result of my extensive knowledge in running big business lines worldwide, big international teams, and processes improvements across the globe. Hence, now I use all these strengths and a tool I’ve built, Business Soul2$oul, while working with different professionals in optimizing their businesses, but also their lives. As a Life and Corporate Coach, I love to assist people to achieve their goals, while as a Management Mentor, I enjoy a lot guiding people towards that level of knowledge and practice they are striving for. As a Vocational and Personal Development Counselor, I use a new tool I just finished to optimize, Find Your Talent, to bring light to the minds looking for their mission in life.
And… I love writing! I already published two books. In 2019 a poetry book in Romanian, “118 Faces of Light”, and in 2021 a travel diary in English, “The Unstoppable Thirst, El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, An Alchemic Path towards the Inner Self”.

In 2013 while I was walking my first route on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. There, something woke up inside me. A new voice was asking me to start fresh, build my own business, and use my talents to support other people that are looking for what I have to offer.

Good question! I used to ignore this aspect until 5 years ago. I was living my life at the extreme, dedicating my entire time to my career. So, the concept of a “work-life balance” was not part of my life. One day, I realized I was working against myself. And from that moment on, I started to deeply understand the profound meaning of it. And now, I am constantly looking at the equilibrium between my work and my free time. I’ve learned to take breaks, and I discovered the beauty of a good break. Now, when I feel a bit tired, I change my schedule and I go for a walk to clear my head and make my cells sing with joy.

To be able to share my knowledge with all the people willing to learn from my experience. As I was mentioning above, I have extensive experience working with people at the national and international levels, and I am willing to share it with other people to benefit from it as well. This way, I can contribute somehow to the professional and personal growth of others. And by doing so, my satisfaction with my work will increase exponentially.

When in doubt, get a mentor!
She/he has been there, she/he had your struggles, your confusions, your uncertainties, and she/he managed to overcome all of them. And if there are these kinds of communities, it is for you to learn from others’ mistakes and successes, and to evolve more rapidly based on their knowledge. So, give yourself this chance to learn from professionals!