Madalina Samoila

Madalina Samoila

Public Speaking and Media Trainer, TV Journalist
Speaking Concept Training
Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Public Speaking


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  • Session: 100EUR / one hour

Journalist with vast experience in mass media and television, communication specialist, over 10 years now. Worked as a journalist for important news network in Romania : Antena 1, Antena 3, Money Channel, TVR (Romanian National Television)

I have built, being helped by my years of experience in press and public communication, a series of personalised courses for each client, based on their needs, experience and type of business they are in. All that, so they can get the best of my teaching adapted to what they need, in order to help them communicate effectively about what they do, to be the best in the room at pitches, when they have an important speech, negotiate or communicate with the journalists.

Over these last years I have trained people working in public affairs, politicians, managers. In a word, people are ready to evolve, and to be the best version of themselves when they speak.

All of my clients are satisfied about our collaboration, they have changed the way they see public speaking and communicate effectively, they are making great impressions when they deliver a speech which is every time memorable and they easily manage to master the stage they step on.

Journalism, Public Speaking, Communication

Passionate about people, stories, and communication, Madalina is the storyteller that helps people understand other people. So they can work together and grow together. As a TV journalist at Romanian National Television (TVR) and in my business as a public speaking trainer, I help people deliver messages, help them translate what they do into meaningful messages for people around them. I help them share their story in order to connect with themselves and others and really have an impact on society. Because I truly believe that communication is the key to everything, personal and professional, but in our society, there are some fractures in this area.
And with my project called Speaking Concept, I work on changing that. I am trying to help as many people as I can, entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, and people who need to talk often about what they do, on TV cameras or in public speeches, to have a clear message, connect, and be comfortable doing that.

For me, communication was always easy and natural since I was a little girl. I used to talk quite often with adults and listen to them in order to understand better. As a teenager, things remained the same, but it took me a while to fully understand that I will have a journalism and later a communication career. So, after graduating from the University, I choose what to do. And I pursued my dream.
As a news reporter for over 12 years, I worked hard, practiced, volunteered, presented online shows, and trained myself.
And now, in the last 2 years, I have grown my own business called Speaking Concept, where I gathered my experience and my expertise to help people who want to be excellent communicators. It is such a rewarding road that I have planned to follow many years from now.

I guide my entire life by the notion of ”balance.” In business and personal life. Because for me, everything that is too much, or too little, by my values and feelings is unbalanced, so it means that it cannot be good for me. And I try to teach my daughter the same, choose what is right for her, stay positive, and never give up. And I have to admit that sometimes I manage, sometimes I feel like I fail. And I know that there are days when I do not have enough time for her, and for sure we are sometimes very unbalanced, but we try, we do not give up, and we enjoy the road and this amazing adventure called life. That surprises us every day with blessings, and challenges, and good moments, and stormy days and so on…but gathering all, I think it is a blessing to be here as much as we can.

To be a mentor is understanding first that your uniqueness can inspire other people to discover how to be themselves, find their own road, and face their own challenges to become who they have decided. And to help them understand that they are not alone, that everyone has difficulties and the road of becoming can be hard, but never impossible. And at some point, we all need that reminder. I feel such grace that my story, my expertise, and my journey inspire other women to be authentic and stay in ”the game” or enter ”the game.”

Never stop pursuing the person you have decided to become.
It is so important to really know who you want to become, what kind of dreams you have, what kind of people you want around you, your mission, and how much effort you are willing to put on to get there. And after you are sure about what you want to do, just keep moving in that direction. Your intuition will help you with the steps you need to do, but I think that the most important thing is to keep moving and do it, even though there will be good days and bad days and there will be times when you will not see something moving, that will be the time when you will have to put that extra work.
So, my ladies, you are strong, amazing, beautiful, and sure can do anything you dream of. Just decide.