Dafina Suciu

Dafina Suciu

Sales Manager, Customer Care Specialist
Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Sales & Business Development Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur


  • Session: 25EUR / two hours

Dafina Suciu is simultaneously Multicultural Ambassador at Multicultural Business Institute, Trainer and specialist in hotel marketing and sales & community manager @ClujHub.

Dafina has 17 years of experience in economic, social, cultural-scientific, community, and media activities. Specializing in journalism and economics, marketing, management, leadership, tourism, hotel services, communication, human development at the Babeș-Bolyai University, and multiple academic and professional sessions conducted at various other institutions and organizations in the country and abroad.

Author or co-author of 3 volumes with scientific, professional and cultural status: “Small treatise on journalistic art; about the nobility of the interview as a tool of community education and personal development (practical aspects) ”(author),“ Advocacy for the beauty of education ”(co-author),“ Destinies and values ​​in the Romanian business environment ”(co-author), all published by Napoca Star Publishing House.

Plus, Dafina has developed a community of women and mothers with whom she runs various personal and professional development programs. One of these is a 28-day self-esteem development program. Over 500 people have so far attended the program.

As a woman, mother, and professional, I believe that I can add value for mothers in the community in the following areas: sales & marketing, tourism, femininity & communication.

Sales, Marketing, Tourism, Femininity, Communication

Greetings. People just know me by Dafina, and, above all, I like them to think of me as a HUMAN, or at least that's what I'm aiming for in everything I do every day. I believe in people, and I am convinced that healthy relationships lead to evolution through the power of Together.
As a professional, I have several years of experience in the Horeca sector, Customer Service, and marketing. I also like sales, but I can say honestly that basically that style of sales in which I can value people.
Otherwise, I gladly contribute to developing the dimension of femininity in a community of extraordinary women.

Before I went to school, I wanted to become an astronaut because I had found out that is the only way I could fly beyond the visible universe with the naked eye and that from there, I could send love across the planet because I wanted to do something for people to be happy "to the ends of the earth." What a child's dream. Then, I was simply dreaming of being a journalist. Over the years, I've enjoyed flirting with this profession, but I discovered Hospitality, and from that moment, for me, it opened another world. And as the years went by, I realized that I fulfilled my childhood dreams, even if in a form closer to everyday reality.
Hospitality is like a school that transforms you, and willingly or unwillingly, you develop precisely in the direction of sincere appreciation and service to people. In fact, you can bring a touch of good mood and comfort through balance, kindness, and calm optimism.
And now I have the freedom to give some of what I am to those around me.
I am also passionate about psychology, philosophy, and quantum physics, fields that I have studied on my own, under the guidance of mentors.

The child's arrival in my life and our family life had an impact major on my way of perceiving and prioritizing professional activities. In the first 2-3 months after the birth of David-Matei, I had the feeling that I could not find myself, that there were so many things I could do and not do. The baby had taken me completely out of my comfort zone, out of my daily and busy routine, but pleasant at the same time. Suddenly, I had time to look at my feelings, to perceive the changes I had gone through from all points, and I realized that these were just the beginning. Perhaps my mind was telling me one, but my soul was enjoying my time with the little one. It was the period when I read a lot, and that mattered a lot for my psyche.
Now I realize that after the baby came into my life, I also developed more distributive attention, I am less demanding of myself, and yes, I am much more effective because the stages of the child's development come with some very short deadlines that you cannot postpone or delegate. It simply happens.

For me, the balance between personal and professional life is defined by my inner state, which must mean peace. When inside mine is not peace, and yes, I still have such moments, whether it has been disturbed by something in my professional or personal life, it automatically reflects on everything I do. But we cannot, because of the outside, manage balancing the staff with the professional, with the interior nostrum.
In other words, I maintain a certain inner peace and calm because that way, I notice that they can see situations more clearly and make decisions with detachment. I have observed from experience countless times that the interior defines the exterior.

Being a mentor, for me, means a journey full of gratitude and responsibility, both to the person in front of me and to me.

Live and enjoy the present, and don't wait until you define the best version of something: act, be flexible, perseverant, and constantly adapt.
Thank you with gratitude and joy in your heart for the time you have allocated from your life to read these lines.