Andrei Stupu

Andrei Stupu

Founder & CEO
Andrew Beehive Consulting
Sales & Business Development Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur


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Education is my life mission. I create valuable educational designs, innovative learning experiences and inspiring media content based on intergenerational studies and ethical intelligence. I support growth and development for individuals and organizations based on my cardinal values: inner harmony, holistic integration and crowd wisdom. I am The Trainer. Your Coach. Learning & Development Business Consultant. Founder Andrew Beehive Consulting.

Trainer, Coach, Learning & Development Business Consultant

I am a young entrepreneur, trainer, coach, and learning and development business consultant. My life mission is education. I founded Andrew Beehive Consulting to research intergenerational relations and develop moral education. I believe in Generation Z and human virtues. I create valuable educational designs, innovative learning experiences, and inspirational media content based on intergenerational studies and ethical intelligence.

Very soon in my life, around the very beginning of adolescence, I was concerned about how the world will look in the future. For me, education was the only chance to change my life, leaving my natal place, a small village in Moldavia for high school, then changing the high school from Bacau to Bucharest. I was always learning and trying to improve my abilities and skills. This is why I have chosen to get involved in several projects, collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organizations and media trusts to promote new trends and ideas in the area of education. That culminated after being certified accordingly with my actual status.

There is work as a part of your life. So, you cannot compare a part of something with the whole of it. I have some pleasures in my life, one of them being reading whenever I want. So, one day I said it would be very cool to have a work schedule that could prioritize reading instead of task checking. This was the trigger and the driver of my motivation to change my status from employee to entrepreneur. So, there is reading as the first step of my mission - to get very well prepared for what I do, and there is training and coaching which is helping others learn about themselves as the following step of my mission, so my work-life balance looks more like some intertwined personal and professional goals that seem to align with my higher purpose in life, practiced with full awareness.

Everybody is a mentor. Whenever someone sincerely feels to say thanks to you, you become a mentor. Every moment of gratitude is a moment of mentorship. Mentorship means intention and power. So, when you get the chance to help someone clarify his or her intentions, you are a mentor. The moment when you empower someone to do even a little thing but purposeful for that person, you are a mentor. Being a mentor as a full-time job is one of the most spiritually rewarding things a person can do, so here you are, be helpful and then feel the joy of unity because when you inspire others, you grow as a human being.

Become aware of your mentoring skills. Be grateful to those that intendedly or unintendedly have mentored you. Make a list of them, call them or just be thankful on the inside, live this state of mind. Make others express their full potential and see the good in others because this will be the only chance for you to see the good in general and the beauty in this world, and this is how you will become an evolved conscious being living in harmony.