Alina Hurubean

Alina Hurubean

Trainer, Coach, Profesor, PhD
Leadership Learning & Coaching
Research / Science / Medical / Health Sciences


  • Session: 250RON / one hour

Career-life transitions: Women's Leadership Journey

Currently working as a personal development and leadership coach, I have over twenty years of experience in the Romanian private and public educational system. During my life-career journey, I explored fields such as philosophy, political science, social work, gender studies, qualitative research, narrative practices as well as coaching and leadership.

As a professional coach, I accompany people in their processes of transition and growth: learning transitions; career-life transitions; moving abroad; business; the transition from active life to something else; developing a culture of leadership coaching in teams and organizations.

I have dedicated many years to feminist research and gender studies. During these discoveries I went through my own process of personal development as a woman and I thus operated the necessary shift in my life and career. In these areas, I like to write academic articles, but also committed literature or texts that support a cause. I have published numerous articles in specialized journals and coordinated two collective books:“The status of women in communist Romania. Public policies and private life”, (2015); “Femininity-Masculinity. Career-life stories”, (2016).

In these writings I bring to attention older and newer themes about: the (un)trust capital of women; "glass ceiling"; (in)visible (in)equalities; women's time; imposter syndrome; cultural patterns and gender stereotypes; "queen bee" and women's solidarity; how to make your own voice heard; how to "successfully fail"; feminine values in leadership etc.

I truly believe that if the world had more female leaders and more women with a leadership mentality, it would be a better place.

I have chosen to contribute, through writing, training, coaching and mentoring, to raising awareness of structural gender imbalances.

I created the coaching and mentoring program for women: „Femei de Milioane” – The Power of Story for Change. In this process, I accompany women to (re)write their story in order to go through their own journey of personal transformation, of (re)connection with their values and their high, creative potential.

Main coaching and mentoring topics: gender awareness; gender equality; male-centric organizational culture; gender balance leadership; systemic leadership mindset; work-life balance; change and transition management; narrative practices.

Training, Teaching, Leadership Coach