Amalia Stemat

Amalia Stemat

Human Resources Consultant
Banca Transilvania
Human Resources


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I like people, one of my passions is the field of Human Resources, I resonate very well with helping the people around me and collecting smiles from the interactions I have.
After finishing my studies, I fully entered the career of a professional dancer, trying to gather as much experience as possible to deepen the knowledge acquired during the 16 years of studies spent at the Bucharest Choreography High School.
Ballet for me means being able to look with the eyes of the soul, to understand with the eyes of the mind. It means power, the power to smile no matter what it was, is or will be. To know that tomorrow you will have the opportunity to be better, to want to surpass yourself every day, not to be gentle with yourself, to overcome any psychological obstacle that appears at sustained effort, not to give up. Otherwise ... it means being able to fly when others can't, feeding on the sound of music and the applause at the end of the show.
Being an employee of the Romanian National Opera in Bucharest, after about 3 years, around the age of 25, I decided to change the switch and turned to the banking system.
I had the opportunity to work in a bank in Bucharest, the call center more precisely, where, after about a month, crying, I wondered why I did this.
There were many times when I wanted to go back to my old and well-known career. But something inside me urged me to continue because it would be good. Years later, I answered the question WHY did I make the change?
After 30, from my point of view, a ballerina has a choice, continues and risks injuries, or becomes a teacher in specific academic units. I did not consider any of the options; therefore, I continued the difficult and challenging road in the banking financial field.
Resuming the thread, I spent one and a half years in the call center, and I found myself in various situations. I learned a lot, most importantly, to communicate with people, and this time not with the help of my body as it happens on stage but through my voice. After this first period, various opportunities appeared for me in the same bank, and I did not miss any because of the thirst to learn new things and know as many facets of banking as possible. Therefore, I also went through the roles of Assistant Manager, Call center officer, Branch support officer, Human Resources Consultant Personnel Administration, after which… we were informed that the bank would withdraw from the Romanian market… and so what do we do next?
I went through countless interviews with other companies because, in half a year, I was going to be jobless…
It was hard, discouraging, but somehow, somewhere deep inside me, I always found the strength to get up and move on; thank you, ballet😊.
I ended up in another bank, where for 6 months, if I may say so, I accepted a role as a compromise so as not to lose my job, somewhere in the field of claims management. In a short time, I received a proposal that I accepted without hesitation, to return to the field of Human Resources, where I have remained until today, and where I grew up with valuable people…
What’s next for me? I wonder😊

Human Resources, Recruitment & Selection Consultant