Mihaela Pleşcan

Mihaela Pleşcan

Career Coach, HRBP
ACI Worldwide
Human Resources Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development


  • Session: 120RON / one hour

My passion and my hobby are working with people and for people.
I am a highly dedicated and passionate Career Coach/Recruiter Specialist with more than 10 years of success in linking HR to the multinational environment. I love dealing with people, recruiting them, training them, developing new processes and watch with satisfaction the results of my work. I am one of the happy people who actually do what they really like.

Mother of a boy born in January 2017, I'm enjoying also the role of mom, and do my best to integrate in my life as a career woman.
Currently, the role of mother is what fulfils me, as a human being, and my current desire is to support as many mothers / women as possible to pursue their talents and professional interests, guiding them as a Career Counsellor. Psychology graduate and certified in several personality assessment tools, along with practical experience in the interviews and employment stages, supports my image and professional status. I offer consulting in the area of ​​career and professional orientation, individual coaching sessions and I organize masterminds / workshops in the area of ​​personal development, interpersonal skills / soft skills and communication.
I like challenges, that's why I decided to have my own business in this direction, consulting and entrepreneurship. I offer seriousness, I rely on mutual trust and support in shaping human profiles of professionals in the direction that those in need want.

Career Coach private sessions, HR services, Wellbeing Advisor

I am Mihaela, a simple woman and the happy mother of a boy with blonde hair that changed my life. Also, a professional career and a continually active woman, involved in many local projects, who love people and working with them, with an experience of more than 11 years in Human Resources, more precisely in the career area, projects of volume hiring, interviews, and selection, which we find within companies as a Recruiter
or Talent Acquisition role.
Currently, the role of mother fulfills me as a woman, along with my desire to support as many women as possible to pursue their talents and professional interests, coaching them as a Career Coach through my special dedicated projects.

I have finished a pedagogical high school, and in the 10th grade, when I discovered psychology and the socio-human sciences, I fell in love with them. I went to a psychology faculty to get to know me better and understand people more clearly and how human interaction works. Also, from school, my organizational and communication skills guided my professional journey through volunteer projects and associations in which I was able to highlight networking events between professionals and experts in various fields.

My maternity period occurred in the maturity stage for me as an adult woman and within the corporation's best career development stage – at that time. I enjoyed the role of a full-time mom for my boy Narcis because, on the personal aspect, with the support of my husband, I could be active also in some local entrepreneur projects. I have become more aware of my personal priorities and values and always believe
that only a happy woman can raise happy kids. I'm still learning how to deal with a strong personality, my boy being the best teacher till now and compared with my professional aspects or persons that I have had the chance to work with, it required much more active listening skills, much more empathy.

Nowadays, I strongly believe in better integration of work and personal life. A perfect balance does not exist, unfortunately. If we were fighting for this balance in the past, in the present, the human puts the focus on optimizing the essential aspects of life and integrating them smoothly to become better, learn continuously, and adapt to different situations. As the Wheel of life exercise describes the relevant area for each of us in
a different time or situation, the same our lives have a moment when we put priority and give of our time to a professional career, or when becoming parents to the tiny human, or something goes wrong with our health …. I'm not a specialist within a holistic perspective of analyzing all the above. Still, I'm feeling better when I'm thinking more as an integrative
system that we are, and when something bad happens, the root cause is significantly closer to the appropriate part of the system.

I like the words of Marlo Thomas" There are two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better," so being a mentor for me is like being a giver. Some of the people need what you offer, and someone else is not aware of their needs. In my education journey, the main scope for me was to give others education, information, tools to develop my expertise and know-how, gain confidence, trust in their personality, emotion, and behavior. I also have received this heritage from great people who surrounded me, and I
considered an important mission on my part to return it to the people I'm working with.

To have the courage to be authentic, return to the simple way of living, and never give up. If it is a period with tension and long nights spent for their dreams, don't give up – please take a short break, reconnect with yourself and continue to dream and design the life you desire.