Maria Frangieh

Maria Frangieh

Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Partner, Blogger, Trainer
Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Business Operations Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur


  • Session: 350RON / one hour

Maria Frangieh, Founder and Managing Partner of Socialprise a marketing and communication agency operating remotely since 2005 serving international clients. Founder and CEO of Watani marketplace, an initiative launched by Socialprise to support Lebanese producers develop their business and export their products.

Maria started her blogging career in 2005 along with her being a university professor in digital business and e-commerce, a mentor for many international entrepreneurs and an international trainer. Maria holds a Doctorate degree in web technologies and knowledge sharing, she is a wine producer and actively empowers women within her community to acquire digital skills and work remotely. She is a strong believer that mothers are key in the economic growth process of any country and she is engaged in helping mothers work from home and manage work-life balance in a better way to contribute to a better society.

Entrepreneur, Business Growth, Digital Marketing and Communications, Data Analysis, Blogging, Training, Coaching

I am a successful business owner, doing what I love for a living and enjoying the journey. I have established my own business remotely in 2005. Socialprise is a marketing and communications agency that offers businesses and professionals growth opportunities all over the world. I am a blogger, a trainer and a coach. I am happy I am helping thousands of businesses and professionals grow their business with practical tips that generate revenues in a short time.

When I first started teaching in 2004 at several universities I realized there was a lack of online tools that could improve the communication with my students who were located all over the country. The universities could not provide these tools as they were not budgeted for, so I decided to launch my blog and use it as a communication tool, along with other social media. I was very happy to see the positive impact this had on my students and on their learning path. So I decided to create my own company and help business and professionals in 2005. My clients became my ambassadors and my business thrived. Helping others grow their business into successful ones makes me happy. I am very lucky to love my work.

I am single. My business is my baby :)

Loving what I do means I never work for a day in my life. This is exactly what I am experiencing today. My work allows me to have the lifestyle I dream of, and grow my business in the same time. Since I am working remotely, I get to travel, connect with new people and cultures, and work at the same time.

I love helping people grow their business. Being a mentor allows me to connect personally with professionals and businesses and customize my knowledge and experience to help them grow.

Loving what you do is the key to success. I am committed to helping professionals and businesses transform digitally to use tools and my knowledge and experience to have a successful remote business that will allow them to enjoy their family and work at the same time.