Dr. Laura Götz

Dr. Laura Götz

Success&Leadership Strategist for over-achievers
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  • Session: 200RON / one hour

With over 10 years of experience in women's health, Laura helps women find the perfect life-work balance, learn to follow their heart in business and create a future by their own rules. She is an activist for female empowerment and self-expression, running diverse courses on self-development and female psychology in business. Raising children and having a career? Nothing is impossible! Women can have it all!

Gynecologist, Succes & Leadership coach for women, Author

Every day, I try to find out who I am, and so far, I have reached three definitions: I am a doctor, an author, and a transformation-coach for women.
My dream was to become a writer. I am delighted with the idea of ​​sending messages in writing. I worked on a medical blog in college, so I combined my two passions, medicine, especially gynecology, and writing. After graduating, I published my books on dragons - I'll tell you more about dragons right away. Working as a doctor, I noticed that I did not feel so well in the hospital environment. Somehow, I knew that wasn't really my job. I could not give 100% of what I am in that position.
I struggled a lot with all these thoughts: should I give up medicine? I didn't know how to combine the artistic part with the medical part. In the end, a new project was born from all these thoughts, a new medical blog for women in Romania. And with it, the strong desire to educate, because that's what a writer does, educates - is one of his/her superpowers.
I realized that in the future I want to dedicate myself completely to this role of educator, to support women in their journey, in everything related to health and here I am referring to both the physical and the mental and spiritual. I've noticed that women need this, not just a doctor to prescribe a pill. Experience has taught me that women want more from me, and I need to do more.
As it now looks to me, returning to my mission is to provide women in Romania with tools to support them in their daily lives. In 2021 I will publish some books out of this energy of mine, personal development books, and medical education for women, and until then I am very active on my blog and in private sessions.

I was my first patient myself. I have worked a lot with myself in the last few years, and I would say that all these searches accumulated in chaos, which brought me to the point where I am now. Chaos in which I could not find a connection between logic and the creative part, a long time when I thought they were separate, but this year, little by little, I felt that the time had come to treat them as a unitary whole. I don't know when exactly, but it was a click. It simply appeared, the ambiguity dissolved, and I was convinced that I could unite them.

I thought about it a lot after an overload at work and went into burnout. With all the problems that come with this diagnosis, I realized and accepted my truth. Some may disengage as soon as they leave work and quickly enter their role at home, while I do not. It is important for me that everything I do, since I wake up, be in my mission, that my actions are in total agreement with every part of me, whether at work or home. To do that, I need to like what I'm doing. Otherwise, I feel like a part of me is dying.
For me, the balance is to do what brings me joy, help in my unique way, with my talents and experience with which I totally resonate. This is true happiness for me, and I am still working on certain principles. I want to convey this to other women and support them in achieving this balance.

When I think of a mentor, I think of a wise person, and for me, a wise person is one who is at least one step ahead of you. To be a mentor, you do not have to be an 80-year-old with 60 years of experience in a certain field. You have to be at step 1 and support other people who are currently at step 0, to get to step 1. Simple. As a mentor, you need to stay open to evolve constantly. If you are a mentor in a certain field, it does not mean that your learning process is over or you do not need mentoring in another field.
And I also think that the mentors who really have an impact on someone's life are the ones who support you from their experience, energy, and emotion.

I told you we would get to dragons, too! It's about dragons, those magical beings you either control or fight within my first published books. I realized that this is a beautiful metaphor for life, that in fact, this is what we do, we fight our dragons. We want to control them, control our fears, and be the heroines of our own lives.
So, dear ones, keep fighting with your dragons, and you will emerge victoriously!