Alina Iancu

Alina Iancu

HR Manager
Bourbon Tech Solutions
Human Resources Construction / Engineering / Real Estate


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Experienced Human Resources Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry, Aerospace Engineering, FMCG and electro IT. Assistance in job evaluation and performance management processes, legal compliance, human resource policies and procedures.
Skilled in Negotiation, Global Human Resources Management, Communication and Management.

To discuss the current situation of the Romanian labor force in various industries, Alina was invited by the Romanian Television (TVR) for interviews:

Managers complain about the lack of qualified staff
Rising unemployment among people over 50. Human resources specialists recommend training courses
Acute shortage of employees in the food industry

Negotiation, Global Human Resources Management, Communication and Management

I am a person who tries to be better every day and who supports others in this process, which has become so natural to my soul.
As for what I do now, I am an HR Manager at an oil and gas consulting services company, and I dedicate another part of my time to building the future I want, step by step, person by person.

I think this moment came after many choices I made, and it started long before I realized it. When I was still in high school, I really wanted to become a lawyer, but my parents could not support me financially on this road. I realized that psychology is another field that attracted me, but at that time, psychology was not seen as a profession of the future, and few broke through in this field in Romania. With all these options analyzed and weighed, I went as a mature man as I felt then and enrolled in economics.
I entered the job very excited in advertising production, determined to start from the bottom to learn all the processes and climb the steps until I reached the top. But I realized, along the way, that this job was not for me. I liked it very much, but it was very aggressive, and I did not resonate 100% with this energy, it ended up changing me as a person, and it was clear that I did not want this change for myself.
After I decided to change the field, I was offered the opportunity to go to a human resources specialist position. The opportunity was not the most advantageous if you were to analyze it coldly, it was a lower salary than I had and with fewer benefits, but I felt it was part of my journey and the kind of choice that would make the difference. That's how I ended up working for 7 years for an aerospace engineering company, my soul company, where I trained. When I realized that I could combine law with psychology, I can combine legislative and human aspects. I ended the journey with this company, even the beautiful things, we need to allow them to end, make room for other beautiful, different, challenging things that will take us further to another point of our journey. With the desire in my soul to go further, I arrived in other industries, in other lands as I like to say them, I started to know other aspects, to research the new, to analyze from different points of view, to know the uniqueness of each partly work and specific differences. And look so slowly, slowly I developed and became the woman I am today.
At the end of 2018, I made a list of resolutions, and one of the resolutions was to be the person who helps and supports others in the years to come in terms of the information and experiences I have. The administrative part no longer makes my soul happy. Now I feel that it is about passing on, I feel that everything I have learned and everything I am can make a difference, that the time has come when it is about others more than me.

I learned that this balance is essential to me. When I was a kid, when I got involved in work, I got lost there. I didn't pay much attention to the personal part. I thought it went by itself. I realized that this is not the case, that it does not work if you do not make it work, you must pay attention to it, put energy into it, and work for it with due care and respect.
In a moment of balance, I found that work is significant but more important is to be stable personally to have an anchor. Then I set out on a new path, to balance these two plans, both needed my attention, to realize where I give too much, were too little. What actions can I take to feel at peace and in balance? Then I set clear boundaries between work schedule, personal life, and plans. I learned not to work overtime, take breaks if I feel there are blockages, be more permissive with myself, and always make choices with which I feel at peace.
Work enables, but it does so when it is done with pleasure and following what we want. We need to pay more attention to our genuine desires and not leave ourselves in the process.

I like to speak in plain words, and the term mentor comes with a level of perfection. I rather see myself as a supporter of other people. When someone needs me, raise a hand, and I'll be there to see him and find solutions. It is a great joy for me when what I bring into people's lives is valuable and fruitful in the future.

I want to tell them about fear and take what they need about courage.
Get rid of fears. Fears only pull you down, and fear is strong when your life is endangered. Otherwise - test the limit so that you will reach above the sky. You have the courage to do those things that scare you, that you are not sure of, and that you may step on with distrust, but in which you only need to take the step!
And I would like to leave them with a mantra, an anchor that keeps me standing and brings me clarity: NOTHING IS PERMANENT! Neither fear nor courage, we are always up and then down, then up and down again. Neither man nor nature is permanent, so neither are experiences, feelings, thoughts, or function driven by birth and death cycles. They all have their role, and all pass.