A new perspective on your career

Motherhood can bring you a new perspective on your career, and we understand the challenges a mother faces when looking for a life-work balance.

We know that when women decide to return to work after a long period, they must face a complex situation with many changes and adjustments. They must reorganize family life and adapt to the new conditions at the job.

But we also know that It is OK to ask for flexible working hours, a different schedule, or to say no if what you were doing is no longer for you. Finding a balance between work and family life is not easy, but once you manage to find it, you will feel very competent and, above all, happy.

If you want to find a new job (part-time, full-time, remote, project-based), all you have to do is CREATE A PROFILE.

Just adding your experience, studies, and uploading a video presentation can be one step closer to professional fulfillment. You will have more chances to be contacted by companies to find the perfect job that best suits your needs and desires.

We believe în authenticity. And that is what a video presentation means in one word: AUTHENTICITY.
The benefit of creating a video presentation is that you will establish your communication, creative or technical skills in a way that a written resume can not. It represents your digital branding.
Also, a video presentation is a form of profile increasingly demanded by employers.

The labor market is continuously changing, and we need to keep up. So, let's do this.


Through our platform, you will find constant support and mentorship to be ready for every challenge.

You discovered a domain you like, but you do not have the experience. You were rejected when you applied for positions you considered suitable. You want to transform your passion into a job. You want to start your own business. But you do not know where to start, whom to talk to. HERE you can find the ANSWERS.

Our mentors are specialists that will help you discover the best way for you. Select a domain you are interested in.


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For members of the She is MOM community, we have a lot of discounts, free benefits and a wide range from where you can choose.

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Choose to be the best version of yourself and you will become a superhero.