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Easy, following just some simple steps, you can build a great profile that represents you and shows your professional skills. The platform helps you to build a strong profile that can help you get the job of your dreams.

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We have a step-by-step guide about how to create a successful work profile, the tools you need to complete it on sheismomclub.com.

Just adding your experience, your studies, and upload a video CV you can have more chances to be contacted by the companies from our portfolio in order to find the perfect job that suits best your needs and desires.

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Select the main areas where you would like to activate so that the companies can search and find you. Your profile is visible only to the companies that also need someone from a specific domain so, it is very important that you select the right areas.

#04.Gain your economic freedom

We know how important is this for every woman out there. So, She Is Mom platform helps you find the perfect job, either is a full-time or part-time one, remote or you are a freelancer and want to be in touch with many people. We build a strong network, exclusively for women all over the world. So…be part of it. It’s simple, free and it brings you only benefits.

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“I am very glad that someone gives mothers a chance to work and to achieve their goals after they become mothers. The platform is easy and intuitive and I managed to make an account quickly.”

Maria Gavrila - Accountant & mother of Alex, 2 years old

“I must admit that motherhood scared me a little bit as I couldn’t think of an ideal situation to work and still be there for my daughter every day. So, I really am glad that She is Mom platform was launched and that is full of resources, pieces of advice that can help us grow professionally every day.”

Dana Miron – IT specialist & mother of Anisia & Gabriel (4 and 1 years old)

“Thinking that I could work remote it gives me hope. I’ve made myself a quick profile, following the simple steps. I am very glad that She is Mom was launched so that mothers can easily find a job, according to their needs.”

Laura Anton – Economist & mother of Toma (3 years old)

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