ANAIS Education

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ANAIS EDUCATION is a company created to bring education to another level of awareness and change as many lives as possible.

Our vision is to create a world of transformation where all people reach their unlimited potential and evolve every day of their lives towards their best.

Our mission is to use intentional individual actions in the educational process using all components of the human mind, especially the part of the subconscious mind, energy, emotions, soul, and body, into a unitary whole that leads to the achievement of goals in all areas of life.

Through Mastermind and Coaching programs, we can support people who want a change for the better in their path of personal development, evolution, and transformation.

The cost is 120 euro for 5 sessions of the Mastermind programme: “How to have a meaningfull life right now!” based on the book "intentional living" by John Maxwell.

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