As a special perk for She is MOM you can talk to me and get your personality assessment
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Know your candidate before the first interview

Hi, I am Donna and I can make you a sweet deal!

I am is build with AI Powered Chatbot Technology. As a special perk for Sheismom you can talk to me and get your personality assessment. Find out about yourself, what makes you tick? Let me tell you about what the future of recruitment beholds. I am trained to read between the lines. I will give you insights in YOU! Your Human Skills, how you behave in certain situations, your Learning style and much, much more………

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If you want to know what I do for companies...
I help organizations make the right selection decisions. I do this by providing an extensive assessment on hard skills and human skills of candidates. This combination is the key to a successful (pre)selection. I make it possible to quickly see which candidates are the best (cultural) fit for your organization.
An important part of being me, I provide a modern, innovative and positive candidate experience. I use my AI powered chat bot technology to engage with candidates. I am your Digital Human-centric HR and Recruitment assistant. A candidate can talk to me any time, on any device.
I am trained with smart machine learning algorithms and now I am able to analyse all communication with me. This analysis leads to a clear and understandable Match Report of personality and behaviour. Based on the - scientifically supported and academically founded - Five Factor Model. (BIG5) I will give companies a short-list of best matching candidates

How do I make recruitment personal?
Train me with your own perfect persona! With a short questionnaire of 30 questions you create a persona of your desired candidate in my system. The questionnaire is focused on situations in a work environment. The result is your IDEALE candidate. The persona will be created for you to match and shortlist your best talent.
Naturally the candidate also needs the right education and experience. Hard skills are easy. For me it’s easy to indicate what education and experience a candidate must have. Clear, straightforward and easy to set up with a high level of detail.
For example, it is possible to assign a weighting to different education levels. I can ask a selection question or an upload for CV or motivation letter.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)
Why would you reject someone because he or she does not have a certificate but is a perfect cultural match for your company? It is entirely up to you what you want to know about a candidate. I always like to ask, What are your passions in life? Or you want me to ask about someones hobby. Or rather what car he or she would like to drive? Maybe their favorite color?

I am very passionate about D&I, everybody should have the same fair chance on any job. Selections should be free from Human BIAS.

My clients can determine which questions I should ask and in what tone-of-voice.
Research has shown that many hiring managers ask the same 8 questions during a first interview. We have already set these questions for you. Adapt the questionnaire or create one yourself that suits your vacancy and company

My Match and Shortlist report
My reports will give you percentages for the human skills and hard skills match. This gives you a quick overview of the most suitable candidates. These candidates can easily be placed on the shortlist, after which you can determine the entire follow-up process up to onboarding. If you want to know more than just a percentage, download the extensive candidate match report.

Full and clear explanation of all personality traits, behavioral preferences, Human skills and of course a transcript of the chat.

Human skills as the real predictor of work performance!

A lot of attention is paid to what a candidate can do. The so-called 'hard skills'. Does a candidate have the right diplomas? Does he or she have the right certificates? Of course, these are important elements to pay attention to.

The problem, however, is that these components are often over-emphasized. A diploma or certificate says little or nothing about someone's work performance.

Various studies have shown that personality plays a very important role in work performance. A combination of a goal-oriented work style and a rational reaction style has a much greater predictable value.

The biggest benefit of using human skills insights within recruitment?
Human skills are a huge predictor of job performance. In addition, these insights help you decide if a candidate will be a good fit for your company and team.
Human skills also show what a candidate is like now. Compared to, say, a degree
obtained, this provides much more valuable insights. An IT degree obtained in 1994 says much less about the candidate than the fact that a candidate is very eager to learn and discover new things.
In a world where change is the norm and is also happening at a rapid pace, personal qualities - human skills - are much more important for success in a job.
A certificate or degree shows what someone has done; human skills show what
someone is still capable of. If you want your company to move forward, make sure you include human skills in your hiring and selection process.