Fabiola Nica

Fabiola Nica

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I am Fabiola Nica, I am a performance coach, I am certified by the International Coaching Federation as ACC and I believe is important that each of us contributes to the evolution of the world in which we live in. For this to happen, it is important that each of us includes in their personal mission their contribution to this global evolution.

Through involvement and constant concern for continuous improvement we can support the healthy development, giver’s game and win-win-win culture, therefore, in 2017 I’ve founded Lifeperformance.ro, a project that supports continuous improvement at all levels.

Through what I do, I support people, leaders, companies, to develop, to find their mission and resources to achieve their goals, increase performance, harmony and to contribute to the collective good.

o Individual, group and team coaching for:
§ Improving performance
§ Setting up a performant business: define your mission, vision, values, performant behaviours, strategic objectives
§ Time management
§ Leadership development
§ Logistics and transportation