Daniela Şerban

Daniela Şerban

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  • "15 steps to a fulfilling life"

"15 steps to a fulfilling life"

How do you like the idea of putting aside all the complexes, all the limiting beliefs, all the learned fears, all the sabotaging factors that prevent you from feeling good in your skin, from being reconciled with your person, to take your life in your own hands and to stand out both personally and professionally !?
I am Daniela Șerban, HUMAN first of all, a woman, mother of two children, and in my professional activity, I work especially with women (mothers or not) and young people (pupils or students) as a trainer, counselor, and mentor. Regardless of age, among my clients, they failed to see in themselves the immense potential they have, their real value, and their unique ability to become exactly who they want to be.

Now I want to share what I learned from my own experience and thousands of hours of study, hundreds of resources, over 12 years of experience working for and with people, targeting the fields of education, human resources, personal development, and consulting.

Some of the materials available in my programs re licensed by John Maxwell Team, the school founder who is considered the world's number one leadership expert and a guru for personal development, and his experience spans well over four decades.

What do you get if you sign up
1. Training materials. The materials are both written and video, structured in 12 lessons.
2. Each lesson comes with a worksheet
3. You can participate in 6 individual counselling sessions

What benefits do you have
1. Clarity about oneself and a better self-image
2. Find your specific solutions on how to achieve step by step what you want in life
3. You will set your priorities clearly and correctly, and you will put your life in order
4. You get well-being and fulfilment both personally and professionally

How to register
To register for the complete program (video course, coaching sessions, bonuses, and constant access to me during the 3 months), CLAIM BENEFIT.

"15 steps to a fulfilling life"
"15 steps to a fulfilling life"