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Leadership Learning & Coaching offers a 20% discount for its individual and group coaching process: „FEMEI DE MILIOANE” – The Power of Story for Change.
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There are still gender gaps in different areas of social life (regarding work, public policy, leadership, politics), which have unfavorable consequences on the development potential of the organizations and communities in which we live. Women have the power to change this story, their story.

„Femei de Milioane” is a coaching and mentoring process for women who choose to get out of the masses of MILLIONS OF WOMEN counted in negative statistics in terms of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, harassment, domestic violence, situations of vulnerability and risk (single parenthood, early motherhood), underrepresentation in leadership roles, etc.


- developing systemic leadership mindset
- coping with gender inequality and unconscious bias
- understanding and accompanying career-life transitions
- gaining clarity about your future
- changing the mindset, action and results
- building a work-life balance and having "me time"
- developing your personal brand to increase visibility.

Program Category: Women’s Leadership Development
Format: leadership-coaching skills for women through narrative practices
You can choose: individual or group coaching and mentoring.